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Siła Natury

Administrative division

According to the administrative division of 1972, the Commune consists of three villages: Brenna, Górki Małe and Górki Wielkie.

The Commune of Brenna is situated between the picturesque slopes of the Silesian Beskid. It occupies the area of 95.4 km². It is situated in the valleys of two rivers: the Brennica and the Leśnica. Administratively, it belongs to the county of Cieszyn in the Province of Silesia, in the south of Poland. In the south-western direction it is not far from the town of Bielsko-Biała. You can also quickly get to the town of Cieszyn on the Polish-Czech border. Brenna borders on Skoczów in the north and on Ustroń in the west. In the east it also borders on the communes of Jaworze and Jasiennica and the town of Szczyrk. In the south the Commune of Brenna borders on the town of Wisła. As an administrative unit, Brenna was first mentioned in 1490; it was then part of the estate of the Piasts of Cieszyn. It was marked off from the village of Górki Małe. Górki Wielkie was first mentioned in 1402 as a village owned by a low-level knight (włodyka). In 1417 Górki Wielkie was bought by the gentry of Cieszyn and in 1802 – by the Chamber of Cieszyn. The Commune of Brenna is currently inhabited by 10,917 people, with Górki Małe inhabited by the population of 820, Górki Wielkie – by 3936 and Brenna – by the population of 6161 (on 22 February 2016).