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Siła Natury

Tourism and recreation

“Force flows from the mountains!” – this is the main slogan of all the towns and villages gathered in the Beskidzka 5 group (Brenna, Istebna, Ustroń, Szczyrk, Wisła). There is a lot of truth in it, which is perfectly known by the tourists who come here to have a rest in the Commune of Brenna. It is only here that you can have a rest from the hustle and bustle of a big city. Brenna is like a rock crystal – it tempts you with the glitter of snow-covered ski runs and sunny mountain routes. Enthusiasts of two-wheel riding can have a pleasant ride on bicycle lanes along the Brennica river. A rich offer of active leisure is also provided by the “Beskid” Gymnasium, “Hucuł” Horse Riding Centre, canoe landing stages. If you are active and full of energy, test your skills and capabilities at the Active Leisure Centre full of extreme adventure. See how downhill riders ride their bicycles down the slope of Stary Groń in the Commune of Brenna. If you want to have some climbing, test yourself at the quarry. But if you are in favour of light recreation, you can just practise trekking or Nordic walking in the mountains of commune of Brenna. In our Commune you will find tennis courts, football pitch and a place where you can play beach volleyball. In winter you can practise cross-country and downhill skiing. For those who like doing nothing more than anything else, the Brennica and its banks provide ideal opportunity for swimming, sunbathing and even angling. You can enjoy the peace and closeness of nature in the education and nature trail named Pogórze Bucze. Tourists who live in harmony with nature will be glad to take a walk along the forest trail – Brenna Bukowa – Karkoszczonka. In the Commune of Brenna tourists will find blissful rest, inexpensive accommodation and tasty food. They can have a good time in the amphitheatre of Brenna where everyone can choose something for themselves from the rich offer of cultural events. You can find all the information on the touristic service in the Commune of Brenna at the Communal Touristic Information Point. Admire the beauty of the rock crystal that Brenna is among the towns and villages of the Beskids and come to Brenna!