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Siła Natury

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The Official Service of the Commune Brenna attaches particular importance to respect the privacy of its visitors. We respect the right to privacy and do not collect data obtained through user registration, which could be personal data, allowing for identification.

All rights to content Official Website of the Commune Brenna are reserved. You have the right to download and print whole pages or fragments Official Website of the Commune Brenna provided non-infringement of copyrights and the rights of the registration of marks belonging to the Commune Brenna. None of them can be wholly or partly reproduced for commercial purposes, transmitted electronically or otherwise, modified, linked or used without prior approval of the Commune Brenna.


Since 22 March 2013, the Act of 16 November 2012 amending the act - Telecommunications Law and some other acts (Dz. U. of 2012., Pos. 1445), adapting Polish law to EU regulations. Therefore, to announce that the Official Website of the Commune Brenna uses cookies (cookies). Accessing the service is tantamount to consent to use cookies (cookies), according to the current browser settings. If the visiting Official Website of the Commune Brenna users such consent not express, you can disable this option in the web browser.